Data Activation

Privacy compliant data when and where you need it.

Data where you need it

Our goal is to have data available when and where you need it – whether that’s in your own systems or other parts of the global data ecosystem. Our insights are deployable at scale because we cover 85% of the population. Depending on your needs and exact use case there are three main ways of implementing our data.

  • Integration with your customer technologies: such as your CRM or DMP. We can provide a seamless feed of data for you to use in your internal analytics and programmatic marketing. If you need help with doing this work, we can assist or recommend one of our partners to help you.

  • Integration with advertising technology: All of our data is directly connected to their corresponding audiences via anonymous identifiers such as hashed emails and unique IDs. We can integrate with your own ad-tech or we have relationships and connections with most ad-tech platforms, publishers, and trading desks. By combining our data in both internal and external platforms you can track connections between advertising and new customers.

  • Analytics and insights: We can provide analytical services on our data to address specific business questions that you have and make them available as reports or raw inputs into an analysis project.

Clean, Connected, Confidential

We wanted to create data products that could work without third-party cookies and bridge the gap between online and offline data. To do that we onboard first-party data from a variety of sources, including our clients’ own data. It’s all made available in a clean, secure automated portal which can deliver data in minute intervals by following four key steps:

  • Clean: We prepare first-party data for optimal match results.

  • Match: We match it to the smrtr Universe which enables profiling against all of our segments and raw data.

  • Connect: Real people and households connected to an online persona using email, address, and mobile device ID mapping.

  • De-identify: We only push de-identified data into digital channels, but are able to identify data for CRM enrichment where privacy law allows.

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