63% of the global population use the internet

As of April 2022, with Statista suggesting that there are more than 5 billion people – or 63% of the global population – using the internet around the world, digital marketing without accurate targeting can only be compared to searching for a needle in a haystack. 

While online targeting has traditionally been rooted in cookie-based online tracking methods, there is now a need for targeting techniques based on real-world indicators and data, rather than web browsing history, to achieve results.

What's inside?

Boris Guennewig and Steve Millward run through the history of online targeting and explain how the industry is starting to move in a new direction when it comes to finding audiences online. 

In this complete guide, you will learn:

  • about the upcoming deprecation of third party cookies and the impact on programmatic marketing
  • why cookie behaviour is limited and how a variety of connected offline data offers more accurate targeting
  • how identity graph technology links various data identifiers associated with a consumer to create a powerful single view
  • about the increased role of data analytics and artificial intelligence
  • how anonymised, aggregated data protects consumer privacy without impacting performance

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