Digital Audiences Summary

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Understand and target consumers based on what cars they drive and what they are likely to purchase in the future, using real car sales data and demographics.


Household Attributes

Understand and target individuals based on a multitude of property-related factors including ownership status, type of home, property size and other attributes.

Hobbies & Interests

Understand and target consumers based on their lifestyles, interests, hobbies and their entertainment and leisure pursuits.

Financial Services

Target consumers based on their current financial situation, the products they consume and anticipate their future needs. Including superannuation, life insurance, credit and savings.

Demographics & Property Lifestage

Target consumers based on their lifestage, family composition, generation, age as well as where they are at in their property buying journey.
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Education, Employment & Affluence

Gain insight and target based on an individuals’ likely employment, their level of education, wealth indicators and income levels.

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