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Extracting value from data

We use a variety of data science techniques to shape data into meaningful segments based on their characteristics and likely behaviour and to extract general insights.

  • Bespoke models: Tailored to a client’s specific needs incorporating their 1st party data to produce descriptive or predictive models that are specific to their requirements. Typical examples could include churn models or propensity models which rank consumers based on their likelihood to exhibit a behaviour.

  • Market sizing: Segment opportunities are sized based on population, brand affinity & value.

  • Brand affinity: Identification of which segments have the strongest attraction to your brand.

  • Campaign optimisation: Maximise response rates by identifying which characteristics campaign responders have in common.

  • Data visualisation: Data patterns and insights displayed in a beautiful interface.

Customer Management

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Our data is connected to most ad-tech platforms. This offers a seamless gateway to new customers via our Audience Segments and customer lookalikes.

Your existing campaigns can also be further optimised with our data for improved response.

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We can uncover additional buyer characteristics across all descriptive variables and append data to your customer database to better understand share of wallet opportunity.

Next best offer models work best when first and third-party data is combined.

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Our multi-dimensional view of 16 million Australians enables us to understand why customers leave and which ones are likely to in the future.

Churn can be addressed via models or monitoring trigger-based events that correlate with consumer behaviour.

Best-in-class Data Science

smrtr’s data science capabilities are based on the decades of experience in delivering actionable insights via its Analytics team. This unique combination, and their growing team of developers and analysts, provides a combination of best practice and best-in-class data science for our clients.

Analytic Tools

We apply the best possible tools and techniques to extract actionable insight in a secure and compliant way.

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Best Tools

We combine trusted & effective tools with a proven track record such as linear regression & SQL, with modern ML/AI and big data frameworks in a scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Finding value in each data source

We have best-in-class model builds and are actively involved in algorithm development in high-dimensional medical data ML/AI, which we apply for our clients to find the hidden gold in their data.

Predictive analytics & innovation

Our predictive analytics are best in class and provide clients with the underlying drivers to support data-led decision-making and flag areas of development potential.

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Secure & Compliant

We have experience in building genomics-grade data & platform architecture, which fulfils the highest compliance and security standards. This has enabled us to gain ISO27001 certification

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