Looking forward with analytics

Traditionally, the marketing funnel has been about putting as many people as possible into the top of the funnel and gradually finding interested customers within the crowd as they move through the funnel.

But, as marketing has continued to evolve, some have started to suggest that the marketing funnel is ‘dead’, as digital has changed the way in which customers engage with a business. 

Rather than changing the marketing funnel itself, digital – specifically data and analytics – has simply changed the way in which marketers can move audiences down it. 

What's inside?

Paul Argus and Boris Guennewig explain how hypothesis-based predictive marketing and the ability to test certain theories can provide a sense of direction for marketers that find themselves drowning in data.

In this complete guide, you will learn:

  • Why the marketing funnel is alive and well
  • Why the demise of cookies will lead to better outcomes for both marketers and consumers
  • What hypothesis based marketing is and how you can leverage it to increase campaign response
  • How a new wave of predictive analytic techniques are supercharging data-driven marketing
  • How to enhance your first-party data with additional data sets to provide a multi dimensional view of customers and prospects
  • How data aggregation protects consumer privacy and brings new scale to targeted marketing

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