Data Enrichment

Add colour to your first-party data

We collate, match and order relevant data sets into a usable format and make sense of it.

  • Data processing: We clean, format and order your first-party data. This greatly improves data accuracy, resulting in optimised match rates to smrtr data assets and into DMPs.

  • Customer profiling: Clients can overlay their 1st party customer data with smrtr variables to build a deeper and broader understanding of their customer base including what makes their customers different. 

  • Data enrichment: First-party data is ordered, and matched with smrtr variables appended to close information gaps. With more data points about their customer base, clients can act on those insights through more targeted marketing communications or through their own analytics.

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Combining first, second and third party data in the future

We partnered with B&T to conduct a survey asking the marketing industry how data is being used today and how they see it being used in the future.

In this six-page report we cover:

  • How first, second and third party will be connected
  • Applications for third party data enrichment
  • Internal data and analytics capability of companies
  • And more!

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