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Network 10 x smrtr


Network 10 help brands build deeper and more meaningful connections with their audience, across every device. By using the best technologies to collect and segment their show and consumer behaviour, advertisers can reach customers at a personal level through an authenticated, logged-in audience. Network 10 wanted to extend this data capability to offer deeper solutions for advertisers across a range of industries, at scale. While addressable data with wide coverage was the bedrock of their requirements, they also needed it in a format that enabled both unique planning insights for custom solutions and instant access to pre-packaged audience segments.


smrtr customised a modular data sandpit to meet Network 10’s exact requirements, with always on access for ongoing analytic development and media planning. 16m consumers and 8m addresses are covered in the modules provided that include demographics, socio-economic indicators, household composition, property attributes and values, life stage triggers, retail spend habits, automotive buyer types and high net worth indicators. Media execution is enabled by onboarding the data and industry-based audience segments into the Network 10 environment.


The partnership has extended Network 10’s targeting capabilities across more industries, interests, behaviours and demographics focused firmly on purchase behaviour and intent, life stage triggers and in-market signals. Advertisers are able to target audience segments overlaid with Network 10’s first party data on web, mobile and connected TV devices. The solution constantly improves as smrtr add new data sets, insights and audience segments to their universe.