Data Commercialisation

Our proprietary data commercialisation framework brings data supply and demand together in a compliant, secure and highly valuable way.

We value data

Data commercialisation requires a well managed framework covering key aspects, including:

  • Qualifying the scale of a commercial opportunity.

  • Uniqueness, volume, coverage, history, accuracy and refresh rate of the data

  • Privacy, compliance, and limitations on the permitted use cases of the data (i.e. aggregated vs. raw data)

  • Even once privacy obligations have been met, does the application meet the data owner’s brand values?

We’ve developed a repeatable framework to manage this process on behalf of organisations that aspire to commercialise their data assets.

Become a data partner

Data partnerships are what makes the smrtr data universe so powerful. Our analysts love having genuine transaction data to work with, and because data is from a wide range of industries, we’re able to create client-specific solutions rather than traditional one size fits all segmentations.

Our proprietary data commercialisation framework allows you to compliantly and transparently productise your data and open up opportunities with your clients. It’s matched via our Identity Graph, stored securely, and rolled up into micro-segments and other analytic solutions.

Your Complete Guide to Data Commercialisation​

smrtr explains how companies are now using their data to generate new forms of income and transform their entire business model using data commercialisation.

In this complete guide, you will learn:

  • how your company can succeed in the data economy and commercialise your data. 
  • the importance of clean and structured data and the steps to achieve this.
  • how to navigate the complex regulatory landscape and understand what you can and can’t do with your data.
  • how to ensure you meet customer’s expectations when handling their data.

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