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smrtr has partnered with PropTrack, the property data and analytics team powering the website and app, to launch “Market Dynamics,” a powerful resource for businesses seeking deep insights into the residential real estate market. With data from approximately 80% of all real estate online searches, companies can now make better-informed decisions grounded in comprehensive market analytics.

Market Dynamics in a Nutshell

  • Get a firm grasp on supply and demand trends in real estate.
  • Access monthly updated statistics for current market conditions.
  • Explore property types and locations drawing top user interest.
  • Available data breakdown by postcode, city, or state for targeted analysis.

Use cases that power decision-making

  • Area Insights: Understand specific areas to make smarter investments.
  • Project Exploration: Balance demand and supply to fine-tune development plans.
  • Market Sizing: Adjust strategy according to market size analytics
  • Pricing and Product Strategy: Current data helps shape pricing and products.

Making strategic moves with data

  • Pinpoint investment opportunities by interpreting demand.
  • Strategically plan advertising and product launches based on demand-supply analysis.
  • Guide pricing and development with market feedback.

Delivery options and benefits

  • Data License: Standalone data access for detailed market studies.
  • Packaged Insights: Benefit from pre-assembled actionable insights for immediate use.
  • Custom Insight Generation: Bespoke analytics tailored uniquely to your strategy.
demand map splash

Figure 1: Normalised demand for 3+ bedroom houses across Sydney. Demand is measured by weighing different relevant website interactions and normalised by the available supply.

heatmap splash

Figure 2: Maps out user engagement hotspots across Australia, with most activity in denser population regions.