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We help property developers across the full development lifecycle for all types of projects including residential, aged care and retirement villages, retail, workplace and logistics.

Full service throughout your projects

Property Development Industry Solution Full Service
Property Development Industry Solution Full Service

Acquisition Opportunities

Identify land candidates and assess project viability in minutes, not months.

  • Using land parcel insights, local authority zoning data, services etc to define the land opportunity.
  • Using current and future stock levels, population growth estimates, property search demand and property value projections to calculate the financial viability of a project.
  • Dashboard for decisioning on demand with recommendations built based on accurate data points.

Understand your market

We provide access to the insights that you need to quickly understand the demographic, property and transactional attributes within the local community, historic property transactions and current and future developments.  This allows you to understand your target market for any proposed or existing development within minutes.

Define your product

Optimise data-driven decisioning for what to build for property configurations and retail mix.

  • Modelling to determine optimal property configurations based on local-area demand and sales. 
  • Using transactional data to define the optimal retail mix for community curation and leasing sales collateral.
  • Dashboard and/or data feeds directly into your research teams.

Pipeline Management

By scoring each lead with a propensity score for conversion and a description of where the enquirer is in their property journey; you can laser-focus your sales team and provide them with the tools to succeed.

smrtr has developed a process, specifically for pipeline management for project marketing that uses previous sales conversions blended with 3rd-party insights to maximise sales conversion.


All of our data is available where and when you need it. Learn more about our privacy-first-based approach to data onboarding and activation.

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