77% of businesses source data from multiple providers

In a potentially third-party-cookieless future and with greater privacy considerations, there are two equally common schools of thought:

  1. using a blend of data sources to provide multiple perspectives or
  2. focussing heavily on first-party data

Almost half the market is already using or investigating second-party data sharing.

Currently, 80% of the market uses third-party data with audience targeting being the most common use case.

What's inside?

We partnered with B&T to conduct a survey asking the marketing industry how data is being used today and how they see it being used in the future.

In this six-page report we cover:

  • How audience targeting will evolve without the benefit of third party cookie tracking

  • The extent to which first, second and third-party data will be used going forward

  • An understanding of how third party data is currently performing, its challenges and where it will offer value in the future

  • A look at the internal data and analytics capability of companies and where they need to improve 

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