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Investment to help more businesses extract value from data

1 March 2021

Data and analytics company smrtr, today announced it has received a $2.5 million investment from Stockland. The investment will contribute to the delivery of smrtr’s new and transparent approach to Data as a Service (DaaS), giving businesses a smarter way to commercialise data and ultimately make better decisions. 

The investment will help support smrtr’s vision to create the world’s most effective and secure data and analytics company, expanding smrtr’s data commercialisation offerings and increasing its pool of data assets. smrtr differentiates itself through its high quality data sets, connecting multiple data sources to create a multidimensional view of people and markets. The smrtr data universe utilises high volumes of real transactional data, rather than exclusively ‘intent to purchase’ survey or web activity data, giving clients true insights on consumer behaviours. 

smrtr co-founder and CEO Georgie Brooke commented: “No other company in Australia offers as many points of view as smrtr does. Data is usually created and made available in silos, meaning users only get a single view of the world, however the true picture only emerges from connecting several different views which is what smrtr is able to offer.

“Within our smrtr data universe of 16 million Australians we have close to 50 billion transactions and data points on mobile usage and location, purchasing behaviour, financial transactions, property insights and automotive buying behaviour. By analysing and overlaying this data, or utilising our audience segments, we enable our clients to see the bigger picture leading to better decision making and outcomes,” Brooke said. 

Stockland, who is one of smrtr’s customers shares smrtr’s focus on data-driven innovation. From this shared vision, Stockland will be working together with smrtr to continue developing a suite of data and analytics insights and continue to drive better customer experience.

Georgie Brooke said there is an increased global need for high quality, trusted data and a simple way for commercialising data to inform better decisions, particularly as companies look for more efficient ways to reach their customers in a post COVID world. 

“We are thrilled to have the investment and support from Stockland, which will help to expand the insights we can provide to a range of Australian businesses across all industries. 

smrtr have already created a number of audience segments purpose built for industries such as property, banking, insurance, utilities, retail and automotive, in addition to device activity, home movers and traditional demographic segments. smrtr ensures that it doesn’t just provide data but advises clients on how it can be used to deliver real change. For example, Network 10 is able to take advantage of smrtr’s data pool and analytics to better understand its audiences and develop more specific and targeted media planning. Other major clients to come on board include NewsCorp, NBNCo, AMP, Miele and Budget Insurance.

smrtr understands the power of data for all parts of society and is intent on using data to drive position change. 

Brooke added: “smrtr has created ‘smrtr for Good’ to address societal issues by providing pro bono consulting, a PhD research and graduate program from which we have supported four PhD graduates and donating a portion of our revenue to the not for profit organisation, Business for Good, on an ongoing basis.”

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About smrtr:

smrtr is a data and analytics company offering Australian companies a new approach to using data. smrtr creates aggregated insights and audience segments from cookie-less, industry data sources and applies them to a data universe of 16 million Australian adults. 

smrtr’s data commercialisation framework creates a value chain between data partners and customers, while always adhering to consumer privacy. By bringing together data supply and demand in a systemised way, smrtr makes audience targeting and data consultancy available to businesses of all sizes, harnessing data’s power to drive positive change and help address societal problems.

smrtr is the result of a merger between Greater Data and smrtr, founded by Georgie Brooke and Dr Boris Guennewig, who after decades working with data in the business and medical fields, wanted to make audience targeting and insight services available to businesses of all sizes, enabling access to the power of data and to drive positive change.

Learn more about smrtr here: