Data as the hero

We’re delivering a new and transparent approach to Data as a Service (DaaS).

Our Mission

We aim to commercialise unique data sets and apply our expertise to help meet the needs of customers and wider society.

Data Commercialisation

We monetise industry data sets and link them together to create a selection of data assets within a single data universe. These data assets are used to build off the shelf products and custom solutions.

Data is securely stored for clients to use our off the shelf predictive and descriptive insights and audiences or use our data services to build a completely customized solution.

Effective Data Products

Audience Segments: Our industry-specific segmentations predict which consumers are more likely to demonstrate a particular behaviour.

Insights: These are not related to specific individuals or households as an audience, but instead offer benchmarking, sizing, and competitive insight – usually in the form of an interactive dashboard.

Data Services

Processing & Enrichment: Data processing, profiling, and data enrichment shape your first-party data into a meaningful story

Insights & Advisory: Leverages our analytic capability and data assets to build bespoke solutions & strategic plans.

Data Activation: Activate first-party data, smrtr data, or a combination within online and offline channels.

smrtr for Good

We’re dedicated to using data to address societal issues by providing pro bono consulting, funding Ph.D. research that aligns with our vision, and directing a portion of our revenue to the smrtr for Good scheme.

Our Secret Sauce

Our industry transaction-based approach has zero reliance on cookie-based tracking — meaning solutions are built using genuine purchase data.

Got Questions?

We have all the answers! Well, maybe not all but we’ll do our best to help.